What we do...

We are active in both Belgium and abroad.
When walking around in cities, quite quickly you are faced with homeless people. You can see a woman in dirty clothes or a man sleeping under a blanket, but each one has his or her own story. They come from difficult situations, maybe travelled from other continents hoping to build a better life in Europe and they've lost hope in life. When you take time to listen to their stories, meeting them will change you. They become friends instead of strangers. They have names instead of needs. You can see hope in their misery.
Besides reaching out to homeless people, we also support disadvantaged families with furniture, clothes and food packets.
Another part of our work occurs in Bulgaria, Serbia and Latvia. We work together with local people, churches and other organizations with whom we've had relationship for several years. Each year we send a truck with clothes and other aid, which we ourselves help to distribute.