Latvia Action.

 Since 2010 we have been travelling each winter to Latvia with a group of around 20 volunteers from Belgium. We hand out food packets and clothes. In this way we encourage people there to get through the cold season. This project is run by a team of 250 volunteers from all over the world. We cooperate with the local churches and the social services, which makes follow up possible

Bulgaria Action.

We began this project in 2017 and it's similar to the one in Latvia: we go to slums to encourage the poor with clothes and food packets. Here we also cooperate with the local churches, Youth With A Mission Bulgaria and Dimitar Lunchev.

Serbia Action

From 2019 we will go to Serbia. We will work together with Belgian humanitarian workers Louis & Anne-Marie. They work here with Tearfund Belgium. We will also work together with a local church. 
Louis renovates houses and builds new ones. We will help with this. 
Also we will do housevisits and organise youth/childrens work.

Thrift store Euphoria, Stara Zagora (Bulgaria).

 n the city of Stara Zagora we work together with Dimitar Luchev to keep a thrift store up and running and to supply the shop with clothes of good quality. Five people are currently employed in this shop. All profits from this store are invested into agricultural ground in order to grow vegetables. And from this, families from the slums are provided with soup from the kitchen during the cold winter season.  

Christmas Meal for homeless - Brussels.

On December 23 we hit the streets with a group of volunteers to hand out warm meals to homeless people.

Food packets for families in North-Limburg (Belgium)

Many people live on the poverty line and it's a challenge to get to the end of the month. We try to support them with a weekly food packet. At the moment we are supporting around 35 families in this way.